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Tobogganing has been part of Canadian family tradition for hundreds of years and will continue to be part of outdoor family life for generations to come.  All kinds of vehicles have been created to enhance this exhilarating experience: crazy carpets, snow skates, G-racers, etc.  In our opinion, the best and most authentic way to slide down any snow-covered hill is on a classic wooden toboggan.  

Heritage Toboggans is a small Calgary based, artisan wood shop where we take your family’s fun seriously.  Each toboggan produced is hand-built, one at a time, precisely to your specifications.  You can choose from a variety of widths, lengths and finishes; we want you to get the toboggan that is just right for you and your family. These beautifully crafted toboggans would also make a wonderful and cherished gift.  Each step in the construction, from the steam bending, to the sanding, to the finishing, is done in our workshop; nothing is outsourced.  

All of our toboggans are constructed from beautifully grained 3/8 inch red oak hardwood. Each slat is custom bent with care, each joint is glued and then screwed, and every toboggan is finished with durable marine-grade varnish.  Our toboggans are designed to be used by you, your kids, your kids’ kids and your kids’ kids’ kids.  We construct our toboggans to last for multiple generations. This is one of the reasons why each toboggan comes with an engraved nameplate.  It is our hope that there will be a sense of family connection and sentimentality in the knowledge that your grandchildren will use this very toboggan and see your name on the nameplate.

For the home craftsman or for someone looking for a family project, we also have kits available that include all the required materials for a toboggan.

While each toboggan is a beautiful piece of woodwork that could be easily be displayed on a cottage wall, our hope is that your sled will be used to bring hours of cold weather fun to you and your family.